Fourth Class Visit Hurley Maker

As part of their investigation into the use of ash for making hurleys and possible alternatives, fourth class went on a recent field-trip to Shanahan Hurleys in Clarina.

Here are two accounts of the trip:


“Last Friday the fourth class and Mr. Fitzgerald went to Clarina to see Ed Shanahan. First we got the bus at 11:45am to Limerick. The workshop was in Shanahan Hurleys in Clarina (Limerick).


When we arrived Ed was working on some hurleys. We went in and he greeted us. We needed information on hurleys because we are doing a project on hurleys for the RDS Science Fair. We watched him demonstrate how to make a hurley and we asked a lot of questions. Then he sanded the hurleys until they were spick and span. 


Mr Fitzgerald had ordered two hurleys before that and I got to hold one. We took a photo and said goodbye and thanks to Ed. Then we got the bus back to school.”



“Last Friday, November 24th, we went to see the Shanahan Hurleys’ workshop. We left school at 11;45 on the spot. We went on a bus. It was in Clarina in Limerick.


The hurley maker’s name was Ed Shanahan. It was in a garage. He showed us how to make hurleys. First he put them into the drier. Then he got a see-through hurley to use to draw the outline of the hurley. Next he cut it. Then he sanded the hurley. He said if he wasn’t happy with a hurley he would not give it to someone. We got our photo taken and finally we got the bus back to school.”


It was a very educational trip and it gave the children lots to ponder in their investigation. The Fourth Class will be exhibiting their project at the RDS Science Fair satellite event in Mary Immaculate College on January 18th.