Anthony Baggott Cup

The Anthony Baggott Cup should be on today,

but due to Covid 19 and social distance, we need to stay away.

No games, no cheer, no clash of the ash,

But in 2021, we will be back.

Today we will mark the occasion at home and remember

the memories we hold dear.

A secret glint in our eye knowing the Cup is in Herbertstown for another year.

We will be back but for today we remember with a smile

the year of 2020 when the tournament had to be paused for a while.

Christian – 5th Class

Pupils create artwork to mark, what would have been, the Anthony Baggott Cup 2020.

At this stage in June, we would usually be preparing for what is one of the biggest days in the school year, the staging of the Anthony Baggott Cup in Herbertstown. Unfortunately, like many other school events, it will not take place this year.

Normally, we would ask pupils to contribute artwork for the programme which is distributed on the day. This was one element which could continue.

Our pupils were invited to submit artwork for posting on the school website and they rose to the challenge – check out the gallery below to see some fantastic work!

4th/5th Study the Industrial Revolution

4th/5th class have been working hard at home in many subjects and this past week saw attention turn to the Industrial Revolution.

One particular area of focus here was the growth of the city of Belfast thanks in so small part to the ship building industry there.

Please see the gallery below for some posters designed by 4th/5th class advertising work in the Harland and Wolff Shipyard.

1st/2nd Class Wow Ms Davis

There is wonderful creativity in Ms Davis’ 1st and 2nd Class classroom. In addition to doing their homework every day the children have been playing sport, making science experiments, art & craft projects, baking, cooking, drawing and much much more.  They were working on their ‘art construction project’ when schools closed and so many also completed it at home.

“Well done each and every child in 1st and 2nd Class. You should be so proud of your efforts and achievements. I am blown away by your talents” – Ms Davis

5th/6th Have Their Say


I strongly believe that the schools should be closed for the safety of pupils and staff. As children tend to interact with each other it would be almost impossible to keep the children away from each other, mainly the younger ones.

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is having a strong effect on the schools. The schools have been closed since the 13 th March 2020. As this is an international crisis, and spreads quickly, the schools should stay closed until numbers start dropping.

For these reasons, the interaction between children and staff and all being in the same room, schools should NOT open again until it is certain that the people are safe and the Coronavirus pandemic is over.
Therefore I think that this is the right call for the schools.


I strongly agree that schools should be closed during Covid-19. Scientists and numbers from around the world have already proven that the Coronavirus spreads rapidly and is a killer.

Today over 228,000 have been killed and there are 3.000.000 cases worldwide. The virus can spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing, runny noses and by not being responsible and using a tissue. In my experience in the classroom us kids sneeze and cough a lot. Although we wash our hands after, the virus may have already spread. Also there are a lot of kids in a small place at school.

Family members may have the virus and may spread it to their kids who may bring it into school. Kids parents who work in the healthcare sector may be at high risk.

Schools have different class sizes, some have large numbers of kids in small classrooms. Some schools also have very narrow corridors. The 2m social distance rule would be impossible, putting schools at higher risk.
I hope everybody stays safe during Covid 19 and remember to keep your distance.


School should stay closed because more and more people are still getting the virus and it is unsafe to go back. By going out of your house to go to school you are putting more vulnerable people at risk.

The restrictions are there and are very reasonable. Homeschooling is going on now and is just as simple as going to school. You are basically doing the same subjects you would usually do at school.

For people’s health and safety schools should definitely stay shut.


The schools should stay shut since there are not many weeks left anyway. I believe I am doing better at schoolwork from home rather than school. I can do it early rather than late and I have the day to fix tractors, play hurling and lots more.

The Coronavirus is spreading still. If I was in charge no one other than essential services should be out. There should be an extension this Tuesday and it should be a two month extension.

Everyone surely has projects they put off that could keep them occupied.


5th & 6th Write Poems During Closure

Here is a sample of some of the work 5th & 6th class have been doing during the school closure.

Stay safe during Covid 19
Together we are in this
And if I can play my part
You can do it too
In staying at home we are saving lives
Nobody should ignore this advice
Going forward down the line

At home we have lots to do
Tennis, football, soccer too

Home is the best place to stay
Only leave when necessary for your work and your shopping
Mind your family and your elderly neighbours
Eventually this will end



Stay home, stay safe
Till the restrictions are lifted
Anyone could catch it
Your health is your wealth
Ireland is in lockdown
Now we must comply
Guards won’t let you by

All travel must be essential
Two kilometres exercise regime

Hospitals are under pressure
Older people must cocoon
My schoolwork is done at home
Everyone must play their part



Social distance
You will help
Not spreading


Most, especially



Staying at home will keep us all safe
Touching your face will spread germs
Always wash your hands
You do your part and we can stop this

Always think about where you are going
Travelling unnecessarily is not allowed

Home is the only place you should be
Only travel if necessary
Make sure you are always safe
Every little bit helps



Some days we go for a walk, others we stay in bed
Tell all your friends its a no-go area
Always keep contact, always check in
Yes, said Leo Varadkar, two metres away
Institutions, schools and colleges are all closed
New rules at supermarkets, two metres have been imposed
Going to mass and on holidays have come to a standstill

A lot of families leaving supplies on each others windowsills
Truthfully we would all like this to end soon

Hanging out with your family or friends is a dream
Of course this will all come to a stop and we will all be reunited
Maybe you are finding it difficult at home to cope
Extremely important to always remember to always have



Stay where you are
Time will pass
All day
You play chess
Not bored yet
Going out for fresh air

At noon
Time to pass

How am I doing this
On my day at home
Morning is lazy
Evening hyper



So many people are helping stop Covid-19
There are some things we can do better
At home if you feel sick stay away from everyone
You have to cover your cough and sneeze
Isolation is key if we are going to stop Covid-19
Never put anyone in danger
Go 6ft apart

And keep within 2km of home
Together we can flatten the curve

Healthcare workers will be able to cope
Overcoming this virus
Might brings our families together
Everyone must play their part


All Ireland title for Herbertstown N.S.

It was a proud night for HNS on Friday 6th March in Thurles with the school winning 1st prize for ‘Promotion Of Gaelic Games and Culture’ and 3rd place in ‘Small School of the Year’ in the Cumann na mBunscol awards ceremony sponsored by Cornmarket. Trophies were presented on the night with a total cash prize of €1000 also awarded to the school. Well done the the boys and girls for their participation and input into the winning entries, parents for always supporting games in the school and the staff for their hard work and commitment.

The ‘Promotion of Gaelic Games & Culture’ Award was based on videos produced by schools and the HNS video can be viewed here: