Third/Fourth Test Their Measuring & Designing Skills

Third/Fourth class used their construction skills today to design and make paper aeroplanes ahead of competition to see whose plane could fly the furthest!

Mrs Brosnan then brought the children outside where the ‘flights’ took place. Following this the children used the measuring skills they have been honing this week during maths to measure the distance travelled by their creations. Well done to Christian whose plane flew the furthest!

Star Awards – December

Congratulations to our Star Award winners for December! One pupil from each classroom was selected by their class teacher and the award winners were presented with certificates at today’s assembly. They were also given a night off homework for their efforts!

An extra award, decided on by Ms O’Dwyer and Mrs. Brosnan, is presented to pupils for a particular act of kindness or to pupils who have completed an exemplary piece of work in school. Well done to the latest recipient of this award.

Christmas Quiz

Pupils in Mr. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Heelan’s classes took part in a monster Christmas Quiz this morning.

Well done to the winning team who got a very impressive 60 questions out of 64 correct, pipping the second placed team to victory by one point.

3rd/4th Experiment with Coca Cola

The pupils of third & fourth class investigated the effects of Coca Cola on old coins.

The pupils documented what the coins looked like before submerging them in Coca Cola for 24 hours and then checked the results. The majority of groups noticed a big difference in the coins once they gave them a clean up once they came out of the coke.