Coaching with James Ryan

Limerick Gaelic Games Administrator James Ryan made a welcome return to the school on Friday last to provide coaching for each class group.

James will be with us on Fridays right into December and he is making great use of our new astro-turf facility to deliver the sessions.


1st & 2nd

HNS Pupil’s Letter from the Taoiseach

During lockdown, a pupil received a very special letter from the Taoiseach at the time Leo Varadkar. It was a great honour for her to receive this letter and it has pride of place framed at home.

I got a letter from Leo Varadkar in lockdown. Mrs. Davis gave us a homework assignment asking us to pick a famous person to be for one day. I sent him a letter to tell him that I picked him. A few weeks later he wrote back. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I got a letter from the Taoiseach!