5th & 6th Write Poems During Closure

Here is a sample of some of the work 5th & 6th class have been doing during the school closure.

Stay safe during Covid 19
Together we are in this
And if I can play my part
You can do it too
In staying at home we are saving lives
Nobody should ignore this advice
Going forward down the line

At home we have lots to do
Tennis, football, soccer too

Home is the best place to stay
Only leave when necessary for your work and your shopping
Mind your family and your elderly neighbours
Eventually this will end



Stay home, stay safe
Till the restrictions are lifted
Anyone could catch it
Your health is your wealth
Ireland is in lockdown
Now we must comply
Guards won’t let you by

All travel must be essential
Two kilometres exercise regime

Hospitals are under pressure
Older people must cocoon
My schoolwork is done at home
Everyone must play their part



Social distance
You will help
Not spreading


Most, especially



Staying at home will keep us all safe
Touching your face will spread germs
Always wash your hands
You do your part and we can stop this

Always think about where you are going
Travelling unnecessarily is not allowed

Home is the only place you should be
Only travel if necessary
Make sure you are always safe
Every little bit helps



Some days we go for a walk, others we stay in bed
Tell all your friends its a no-go area
Always keep contact, always check in
Yes, said Leo Varadkar, two metres away
Institutions, schools and colleges are all closed
New rules at supermarkets, two metres have been imposed
Going to mass and on holidays have come to a standstill

A lot of families leaving supplies on each others windowsills
Truthfully we would all like this to end soon

Hanging out with your family or friends is a dream
Of course this will all come to a stop and we will all be reunited
Maybe you are finding it difficult at home to cope
Extremely important to always remember to always have



Stay where you are
Time will pass
All day
You play chess
Not bored yet
Going out for fresh air

At noon
Time to pass

How am I doing this
On my day at home
Morning is lazy
Evening hyper



So many people are helping stop Covid-19
There are some things we can do better
At home if you feel sick stay away from everyone
You have to cover your cough and sneeze
Isolation is key if we are going to stop Covid-19
Never put anyone in danger
Go 6ft apart

And keep within 2km of home
Together we can flatten the curve

Healthcare workers will be able to cope
Overcoming this virus
Might brings our families together
Everyone must play their part