Picker Pals

First & Second Class have being following the Picker Pals programme this year and great work has been done both at home and around the school.

Thank you to everyone who has helped the pupils when they brought home the Picker Pals pack. The children look forward to seeing who will come out of the draw each week and are having a lot of fun with the Picker Pals themed activities, especially singing the Picker Pals song.

Green Schools Action Day

We marked Green Schools Action Day in a number of ways including:

wearing green, walking/cycling to school, planting pollinator bulbs in the pitch, litter picking, going for a whole school walk, doing climate/biodiversity themed lessons and making pledges to do better for the planet.

There was also a cherry tree planting ceremony to mark the occasion in a lasting way.

First/Second Make Harvests from School Garden


Last spring, the 1st & 2nd class planted pumpkins in each of the 5 classroom raised beds in the school garden. Only one plant grew a large pumpkin and it just happened to be our own classroom’s. We used it to make a Jack O’Lantern for our window.


1st & 2nd class also gathered sunflower seeds from the school’s sunflowers and have stored them for planting next spring.

1st & 2nd Class Learn About Apples

For the past couple of weeks 1st & 2nd class have been learning about apples.

From looking at the different apple varieties, to how they are harvested and creating an excellent apple harvest display they now have a great deal more knowledge on a favourite fruit for many.

In recognition of their hard work, they all got apples from the Apple Farm in Cahir. The variety they received was ‘Tipperary Pippen’.


1st & 2nd class have spent the last few weeks watching the seeds they planted grow into plants. Today, to kick off Biodiversity Week, they planted one plant into each of the raised beds in the school garden with the hope that each class will have a pumpkin of their own next October in time for Halloween.

Any visitors to the HDA carpark will be able to watch them grow over the next few months.

Earth Day

Herbertstown NS marked Earth Day in different ways as seen in these photos.

The Infants took part in a scavenger hunt, made art with nature and did some planting in the garden.

1st & 2nd Class planted some pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

3rd & 4th class explored the school grounds and signed an ‘Earth Day’ Pledge.