School Garden

Our school garden has been beautifully transformed thanks to the hard work of Louise and Breda.

It is well worth stopping by to have a look at what will be a lovely space for the school children to use.

Traffic Lights

The pupils of first and second class got to use the new traffic lights in Herbertstown on Monday. This will provide a safe crossing point for school children when heading up the street to the hall or the church.

Green Schools Update

Our Green Schools Committee have been very busy of late!

Niall building our Bike Rack.
Litter Legion hard at work during break time.
Clean Air Poster encouraging people to switch off their engines in the school carpark.
A Water Warden fetching recycled rain water for Art class.

Water Forum

On Friday 19th January the Green Schools Committee went to the Woodlands Hotel in Adare for a Water Forum, where the Committee members represented Herbertstown NS as a model school to other schools present, in order to show them how to go about achieving the Water Flag.

World Water Day

World Water Day


The school marked World Water Day in a number of different ways. The centrepiece of the day was a ‘Walk for Water’. The object of the walk was to highlight the distances people in certain parts of the world have to walk for water.


Over the previous few weeks, the children had brought in used plastic bottles. These bottles were filled using water from Barry the Barrel. The children then carried the water bottles on their walk around Herbertstown. The Walk was led by our water mascot, Spencer Sponge. Afterwards, the pupils brought their bottles home with them with the aim of using the water to water plants etc.


Below is a gallery of photographs from the day.



Prior to the walk, the junior infants joined forces with the pupils of the senior classroom to take part in a water themed quiz.