In science class with Miss Kennelly we were learning about kinetic and potential energy and gravity. We made rollercoasters out of insulation foam and masking tape. The challenge was to get a marble to go around a loop and into a cup at the end of the rollercoaster. Before we released the marble down the rollercoaster it had built up lots of potential energy. It was difficult for the marble to get around the loop because gravity was pulling the marble down, but kinetic energy helped the marble get around the loop and into the cup. It was really fun experimenting with the different types of energy and also building a rollercoaster. It helped us learn a lot.
Christian and Lucy

Earth Day

Herbertstown NS marked Earth Day in different ways as seen in these photos.

The Infants took part in a scavenger hunt, made art with nature and did some planting in the garden.

1st & 2nd Class planted some pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

3rd & 4th class explored the school grounds and signed an ‘Earth Day’ Pledge.