Cross Country Trials

Well done to everyone who took part in our Cross Country trials this morning in testing conditions.

The level of effort and determination shown by all participants was very high in what was a new type of event for the majority of our pupils.

A team will now be drawn up to represent the school at the Limerick Primary Schools Cross Country event in October.

Crystal Drop Workshop – Fourth Class

Martin and Louise from SSPC came to the school on Wednesday morning to for a workshop which featured a talk about crystals and also saw the children getting the chance to design and make a device which could safely ‘drop’ a crystal to the ground.

The boys and girls had a great time designing their devices and then working in small groups to construct their design using a finite set of resources.

The gallery and videos below show the children working on their designs and also testing them when completed.

Exploring School Grounds for fruit/seeds

4th & 5th class explore the local school environment for examples of fruit & seeds which would be a food source for birds and other wildlife.

The children found examples of blackberries and ‘haws’ and learned about blackberry bushes and hawthorn trees. We also looked at seed dispersal and the importance of birds to this process. Wind dispersal was also discussed and the sycamore tree on the school grounds allowed everyone to look at ‘helicopters’ and how they can be carried by the wind.

Munster Rugby Coaching

Matt Brown from Munster Rugby will be providing coaching in the school for the next few weeks.

He will firstly be working with 3rd/4th class and after that he will take 5th/6th. It is great to have his expertise available to us in the school and the children really enjoyed his first session with them yesterday.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the school by collecting stickers from Adli. Our poster is almost at the half way mark!

New Cumann na mBunscol season just around the corner.

After school training is back up and running ahead of the new Cumann na mBunscol season.

It was great to have Mr Franklin back out on the training pitch and we also had help from our club connect coach Michael Whelan. We had large numbers training which was great to see.

New feature in school corridor

The school has put photos of pupils who have played in the primary game or featured on Mackey Cup, Neville Cup , Larkin Shield or Sarsfield Cup winning teams on display in the corridor near the main school entrance.

Last year was a particularly busy year for our pupils in the Primary Game with 3 pupils getting the opportunity to play for Limerick.

Aldi Play Rugby Promotion

The school is collecting stickers once again for the Aldi Play Rugby promotion to be in with a chance of winning €50,000 for the school.

Last year we filled our poster and although we didn’t win the cash prize the school did receive some PE equipment so any stickers collected will be greatly appreciated.