2nd and 3rd Class Become Engineers for Science Week

Mr. Gubbins’ class became architects and engineers for science week when they looked at how bridges are built.

First, they learned about the longest suspension bridges in the world – some of them nearly reaching an amazing 2km in length! Next, they created a list of words that describe a strong bridge, including: ‘sturdy’, ‘supported’ and ‘stable’. Then it was down to work!
In groups, the girls and boys task was to create a bridge across their desks that a toy car could drive across. They were given points for teamwork, the strength of the bridge, and the overall bridge design. Some fantastic problem solving and cooperation was seen by all the groups and, although some bridges didn’t go exactly to plan, lots was learned about what makes a bridge strong and safe. It was great fun!

Science Week in Full Swing

Science Week is in full swing in Herbertstown NS!


In the Senior Infants/1st classroom the boys and girls have been busy exploring materials and their properties.

In third/fourth class the pupils investigated how sound travels through different materials. The experiment involved using a clothes hanger and string to tap off objects and observe the sound made. The pupils then repeated this while holding the string in their ears. The experiment produced some interesting results!


Third/Fourth also investigated the buoyancy of objects in fresh water vs salt water.

Year Long Investigation into Pumpkins

Our current fourth/fifth class completed a year long investigation into the life cycle of pumpkins.


In October of 2017 we harvested the seeds from a shop-bought pumpkin which we were using for our Halloween Jack O’Lantern. We cleaned the seeds and placed them in a cool, dry place until 2018.


In the Spring of 2018, we planted the seeds in small cups and placed them on the classroom windowsill. From here we monitored their growth and ensured they were getting plenty of sunshine and water. After a couple of weeds we transplanted the now growing plants to larger pots.


Once the plants were large enough, we started to harden off the plants by placing them outside during the day and taking them in before hometime.


Finally, before the holidays, the pupils were able to bring them home for their own gardens.


Here are some pictures below of the pumpkins the children grew from their plants!

One of the pumpkins on a visit to the school!

Luke’s pumpkin

Katie’s Pumpkin

Christian’s pumpkin



Science Project Features in Irish Independent

A project by our current fifth class was highlighted in Wednesday’s edition of the Irish Independent.

‘Is Ash the only wood for the Clash’ was a project undertaken by the class and was presented at the RDS Primary Science Fair earlier this year in Limerick. The project was very well received and in an article where next year’s fair and its new sponsors were being launched, the project was mentioned as one of the most memorable.


In the piece below, you can read the thoughts of judge and camogie player Rena Buckley.

Maths Week Quiz

Well done to our pupils who participated in the Maths Quiz hosted by John the Baptist Community School.


The quiz took place during Maths Week and in a very competitive event, the Herbertstown NS team finished in 1st place. The pupils picked up vouchers for O’Mahony’s Booksellers and certificates for their efforts. Well done to everyone that took part!

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Third /Fourth Make Parachutes

Pupils of third/fourth class design & make parachutes.


Third & Fourth class had great fun in science this week as they were tasked with designing and making parachutes.


Ms. Griffin assigned the task of designing a parachute which could ensure a soft landing for a small object. The pupils set about designing the parachutes in small groups and then had to make them using a limited amount of materials provided. They produced some excellent results as you can see in these photos!

Butterflies Take Flight

Mrs Murphy’s class watched the life cycle of butterflies in recent weeks and released their Painted Ladies on Monday.

Caterpillars forming their chrysalis!

Caterpillars in their chrysalis!

The butterflies have emerged into their garden!

The butterflies have emerged into their garden!

Butterfly about to take off!

A new home on the flowers!

Busy Times in 3rd & 4th Class

3rd and 4th have been busy on many fronts in recent times, here are two of the activities they have been working on.


Last October, the class harvested seeds from the classroom Jack o’Lantern. In the last few weeks they have planted the seeds and watched them sprout into shoots and grow leaves. Today, they moved the plants into bigger pots to give them more room.


The Normans

They also continued their study of the Normans and castles through their artwork. They used a foam/glue/paint combination to create a 3D effect castle.

This followed a previous art activity where they created a Norman knight. The excitement now builds ahead of their school tour to King John’s Castle next week!