Olympian Sarah Lavin Visits Herbertstown NS

Limerick hurdler Sarah Lavin visited the school on Friday as part of the Dare to Believe Schools Programme.

Sarah met with all the pupils in the school for a brief assembly. Our school’s musicians, who have been diligently preparing for occasions such as this with Ms Barry, greeted Sarah with a lovely piece of music.

Next the children looked at some photos and videos of Sarah in action and the children from Infants to 5th got to ask her some questions.

Following this Sarah moved to the sixth class room to speak to the senior class. The sixth class pupils had been preparing for weeks ahead of the visit, learning about the Olympics and Paralympics, as well as the Olympic values – Respect & Equality, Healthy Mind & Body, Joy of Effort and Striving for Excellence. Their hard work was evident through their interactions with Sarah and their knowledge of her career.

Sarah herself gave a fantastic presentation to the class about how she got to where she is as an athlete, about what her training regime involves and how she believed in all the possibilities ahead for the boys and girls, given that she was once in a classroom the same as them and how amazingly, she only took up hurdling when she was 15 years old.

It was a wonderful day for the sixth class and no doubt a memorable one too for all the boys and girls who got to see Sarah at the assembly.