In science class with Miss Kennelly we were learning about kinetic and potential energy and gravity. We made rollercoasters out of insulation foam and masking tape. The challenge was to get a marble to go around a loop and into a cup at the end of the rollercoaster. Before we released the marble down the rollercoaster it had built up lots of potential energy. It was difficult for the marble to get around the loop because gravity was pulling the marble down, but kinetic energy helped the marble get around the loop and into the cup. It was really fun experimenting with the different types of energy and also building a rollercoaster. It helped us learn a lot.
Christian and Lucy

Fifth/Sixth Class School Tour

Our School Tour

We figured out we were going to the Eclipse Adventure Centre in Kenmare when we came back from our Easter holidays. We were all very excited when we figured out where we were going. Mrs Heelan showed us the website and we all got more excited than we originally were. We were told what to bring the Monday before the day of the school tour. I got prepared the day before the school tour. The morning of the school tour I woke up at 6:45. The bus left the school around 7:45. We had to stop a few times as the boot of  the bus kept on opening . It was a long journey but it was worth it. When we got there , there were two people to greet us their names were Sonny and Gerry. They showed us where to keep our bags while they got the owner Athos. When we met Athos he was very enthusiastic. He split us into two groups for the orienteering. I was on the winning team and I was the compass holder. After that we did some team challenges. My team was Colm, Liam B, Liam G, Nathan, David, Stephen, Micheal, Declan and me. I think our best challenge was the tyre pull. I was the best at hanging tough in my group. I liked the challenges but I preferred the bog run and kayaking. We had a 30 minute food break around one o’clock. In the afternoon we did the bog run it was hard but everyone loved it. Then we did the assault course to get the mud of us as there was a water part. After this we went kayaking in the big lake. I think I spent as much time in the water as on the kayak. In the end we jumped off the pier and got into new clothes. Just before we left we all got an ice-cream .I loved this school tour.

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Tadhg O’Connell


5th & 6th School Tour

Tayto Park


5th & 6th class travelled to County Meath for their tour this year. The destination: Tayto Park! The action packed day included a guided tour of their zoo, a visit to the factory and two hours of fun on their many attractions in the amusement park. The Cú Chulainn Coaster proved to be a major hit with the children!