Mr.Davern was teaching the 5th and 6th class students  for  spike  ball this  year. They’ve been practising  for the big day. The spike ball tournament  was  on the 23rd  of  January. There  was  four teams… red ,blue, orange and green. The  tournament  was on in Villiars school. When we got there it was full of other schools. Each of our teams got to play 3-4 games . Two of ours played each other in the quarter-finals. In the end the Herbertstown orange team was successful. Herbertstown orange played St. Michael’s in the semi-finals. Unfortunately Herbertstown orange lost by 11-16. It was a great day for the school. And  they can’t wait to go again next year.

  By Chloe , Emma ,Emily.


Spikeball & Camogie

Spring has sprung and our teams are starting to venture out to events once again.


On Monday, pupils from the senior classroom travelled to Limerick to participate in a Spikeball blitz in the Villiers school in Limerick.

On Tuesday, the girls were in camogie action in Martinstown.