ANALOG Learn It Lego Robitics Competition

Yesterday on Tuesday the 29th of January, 5th and 6th class took part in the Learn it Lego Robotics competition. At ten o’ clock two people called Fergal and Cormac came in to show us how to build and program our robots. We were put in to groups with a box of Mindstorm Lego and a computer between us.

The first thing we had to do was build our robots using instructions on our computers. After we had built our robots we learned how to program them, our first task was to program it to go back and forth a certain distance. When we had mastered back and forth, Cormac and Fergal laid out a map of a maze. Our task was to get around the maze without going outside the black lines, it took a lot of measuring and being precise to finally get around the maze. If you had conquered the maze you could add on the colour sensor to detect different colours.

One team containing three six class girls got to the last stage which involved building an arm for your robot and programing it to pick up a coloured cube. At the end of the day they announced the winner.

The runner up was Team 1 Lillian, Holly and Keelin, and the winners were Team 9 Ella, Eva and Chloe. Overall it was a brilliant day. The three girls will be going to the final on the 3rd of March in Analog Devices.

Learn-it-Lego Primary School Robotics Competition

On Saturday the 10th of March Eva Murnane, Jack Gleeson, Ella O’ Toole and Ava O’ Connell went to Mungret College for an Analog Devices Learn-it-Lego Primary School Robotics Competition.


At 10:45 there was an advanced Robotics workshop. All the schools got their own desk, laptop and robotic making kit. Then we set to work building our robots. At first we found it quite hard to build our robot Herby. But then we realised we could just build a normal robot and add on our own features. At 12:00 we got a lovely lunch. At 12:30 we went back to the main hall to complete our robot. After that it was time for the challenge; the robots had to sumo wrestle. We programmed the robot to attack other robots and try and push them off the ring. There was 30 schools involved in the competition and our team finished in the top 12 teams. And at the end of the day each team member got a medal. All in all we had a great day.

LEGO Robotics

On the 9th of January Mrs.Heelan told us that she was going to enter us into an Analogue Devices, Learn-it LEGO robotics class .There were only 30 available spaces through out the whole of Limerick and the lines opened at 10 o’clock with a first come, first served system so we had to be quick. We were one of the lucky schools to successfully apply.

On the 25th of January two people called Fergal and Marvee came to our school to show us how to build and program robots which were made of LEGO. At the start Mrs.Heelan put us all into groups of 3.Then we were set to build our robots with a manual on the computer screen. When we were all done building our robots Fergal showed us how to program our robots to go forwards and backwards. the he set us a series of challenges. Then he showed us how to turn and rotate the robot. After that he put down a maze mat and we had to program our robots to go around the maze mat. It was quite difficult!! Team 9 got the furthest on the maze and then we had to say goodbye and dismantle our robots. Now it was time for Fergal to announce the winner which was … team 7! (Jack,Ella and Eva ) with an extra edition of Ava O’Connell. We had a great day


Ella O’Toole

Jack Gleeson

Ava O’Connell

Eva Murnane