Learn-it-Lego Primary School Robotics Competition

On Saturday the 10th of March Eva Murnane, Jack Gleeson, Ella O’ Toole and Ava O’ Connell went to Mungret College for an Analog Devices Learn-it-Lego Primary School Robotics Competition.


At 10:45 there was an advanced Robotics workshop. All the schools got their own desk, laptop and robotic making kit. Then we set to work building our robots. At first we found it quite hard to build our robot Herby. But then we realised we could just build a normal robot and add on our own features. At 12:00 we got a lovely lunch. At 12:30 we went back to the main hall to complete our robot. After that it was time for the challenge; the robots had to sumo wrestle. We programmed the robot to attack other robots and try and push them off the ring. There was 30 schools involved in the competition and our team finished in the top 12 teams. And at the end of the day each team member got a medal. All in all we had a great day.