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Science Week


Third/Fourth class looked at the use of arches in construction through studying the strength of eggshells. The class used maths books to test the strength of 4 egg shell halves. An amazing 14 books were stacked on the shells before they broke!


1st Class pupil makes ‘catch-in-cup’ game at home for Science Week.


Third/Fourth Investigate Capillary Action

2nd and 3rd Class Become Engineers for Science Week

Mr. Gubbins’ class became architects and engineers for science week when they looked at how bridges are built.

First, they learned about the longest suspension bridges in the world – some of them nearly reaching an amazing 2km in length! Next, they created a list of words that describe a strong bridge, including: ‘sturdy’, ‘supported’ and ‘stable’. Then it was down to work!
In groups, the girls and boys task was to create a bridge across their desks that a toy car could drive across. They were given points for teamwork, the strength of the bridge, and the overall bridge design. Some fantastic problem solving and cooperation was seen by all the groups and, although some bridges didn’t go exactly to plan, lots was learned about what makes a bridge strong and safe. It was great fun!

Science Week in Full Swing

Science Week is in full swing in Herbertstown NS!


In the Senior Infants/1st classroom the boys and girls have been busy exploring materials and their properties.

In third/fourth class the pupils investigated how sound travels through different materials. The experiment involved using a clothes hanger and string to tap off objects and observe the sound made. The pupils then repeated this while holding the string in their ears. The experiment produced some interesting results!


Third/Fourth also investigated the buoyancy of objects in fresh water vs salt water.

Science Week 2017

Here are some of the activities which took place to mark Science Week 2017


Second/Third Class

This week we did some experiments. We did an experiment with Coke and Mentos. We found out that by  putting Mentos into Coke, you can make an explosion!

It exploded because when you put in more sugar, it makes more bubbles and the more bubbles you get, the bigger the explosion you get.  The bubbles push the liquid out of the bottle.

We also did another experiment.  We showed that air pushes  an object in the opposite direction.  Check out our photos of the air balloon race.

We thought that it was very exciting. Maybe you could try this at home.  If you are trying it at home, you will need; two chairs, a balloon, string, a straw and tape. Race your friends to see whose balloon is fastest!

By Niamh and Molly (2nd Class)


Third/Fourth Class

Third/Fourth class experimented with water and how changes to temperature and density can affect it.

Buoyancy in fresh water/ salt water.

Analysing the difference between the amount of sugar which can be dissolved in cold water vs warm water.