Second/Third Class Projects

2nd and 3rd class completed a group SESE project this week.

They had to pick a topic that they had studied during the year and find out some more information about it. Each group designed a poster and had to create a 3D model of their choosing. We had some absolutely fantastic projects to present to the rest of the school including: David Attenborough dramas, chopstick challenges, wooden pyramids among many other exciting things! The girls and boys researched and designed the work entirely by themselves and learned lots about their chosen topic along the way. Well done to all!

2nd & 3rd Mark Roald Dahl Day

2nd and 3rd class have been looking at a lot of Roald Dahl’s work.


We have read ‘The Twits’ and are currently reading ‘The Witches’. For Road Dahl day we decided to come up with a book of our own pranks that the Twits pulled on each other!
As his book ‘Matilda’ is 30 years old this year, the class also took part in the Matilda challenge where some mysterious things started happening in the classroom…..have a look for yourself!


Fun with Conkers

Conkers & the Horse Chestnut Tree


Third & Fourth class pupils enjoyed learning about Horse Chestnut Trees during science today and had an opportunity to try a game of conkers.


The conkers were kindly donated by a pupil in third class.

Fun for summer with 3rd/4th class

3rd and 4th have been getting up to lots of cool activities as the summer holidays approach. They have been experimenting with fidget spinners, writing to pen pals in Gortnahoe NS in Co. Tipperary, making wonderful projects in SESE and even getting to sit at the teachers desk for a day for their hard work!

Roman Battle Herbertstown Style

The yard in school was turned into the coliseum for one day only last week! 3rd and 4th class designed their own shields and took part in a mock battle just as the Romans would have done. The children became true gladiators decorating their shields, practicing moving with their legions in the turtle formation and attacking the other legions with bean bags. Unfortunately, the rain brought a swift end to the gladiator battle but everyone had lots of fun!